5 Easy Lawn Fixes

By on May 18, 2015
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05x575Treating a verdant of grass can guzzle up a gardener, in terms of weeding, fertilizing and mowing the tender blades of grass. As for those dry and yellowish lawn spots can be a real eyesore when the rest of the lawn is looking green and healthy. But, what is the cause of those spot?

There are many aspects involved when it comes to those yellowing grass. Some maybe cause of the weather or the seasonal change, your pets, insect or rather a lack of minerals and nutrients in the soil. However, in order to improve your grass and bring those dry patches back to healthy green cluster, you must follow some 5 simple processes which are:

  1. Mowing the Lawn

You must first do a little research to make sure you’re cutting your grass at the correct height before you start troubleshooting the spots on your lawn.

Hence, there are certain types of grass can be cut too short, which can be the effect of the damages on the blades and then cause the grass to turn yellow. Thus, try adjusting the height of your mower blades so that the grass isn’t cut as short as it normally would be and see if this corrects your problem. These damaged patches should begin to improve once they grow out and trimmed at the correct height.

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